I was in town for a conference and went to downtown salon and had a wonderful experience there. First I started with a massage that was the BEST I ever had, and I've had many. Ruth took care me for  the rest of my services. She did an awesome highlight and haircut for me!  I
looked & felt like a million bucks!  Thanks so much.

Sykesville, MD

Rebecca S.


I worked as a painter for over 10 years.  In that time I've had a lot of massages from a lot of different massage therapists.  A few months ago I booked a deep tissue massage with Trankie after a refferal from a friend and had the best massage I've ever had in my life.  I've been back several times, all of which have been great experiences.  I had my hair cut by Ruth last week.  It looks great and she was very nice.

The staff is friendly and attentive.  The atmosphere is calm and relaxing.  It's a great location for anyone who lives or works downtown.  I've only had massages and a hair cut there, so I can't speak for all the services, but if you want an amazing massage, book an appointment with Trankie.  You won't be disappointed.

Brett Tempe, AZ.

I LOVED this place! Background story... I moved from Massachusetts to Phoenix to go to school and I have had the most hellish time looking for a hair stylist. I have had so many awful and horrific experiences. This was probably the 8th salon I visited in Phoenix. I have AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIR and every time I call a salon, the first thing I ask is: "How well are you guys with African American hair?" They usually reply something skeptical, so I don't go.

I recently decided that I wanted to grow my hair out, so I needed someone to help me get on the right track. Yesterday, I was looking for a salon. It being Sunday, there weren't many options. I yelp'ed "hair salons" and checked "open now" and this was on the list. It isn't far from my campus so I decided to call. Again I asked how well they were with African American hair. The receptionist said that they had someone. Of course, I was skeptical, but they were able to take me in that same day!! I got there, and much to my surprise, it was a white girl! First, let me just say that Kelley is AWESOME! She told me her background before she started. She said that she was originally trained in ethnic/textured hair (she was also from the east coast, which automatically made me trust her ;]) and she had family members with textured hair.

She explained to me what she was going to do, the products she was going to use, and told me how to maintain my hair and what to do to achieve hair growth. The thing I liked most about Kelley is that she was able to make me feel comfortable and I was confident that she knew what she was doing. My hair turned out AMAZINGLY! I personally think it's the best it has ever been. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here, and I have already recommended this salon (and Kelley) to my friends and colleagues.

Phenomenal experience. I called at about 3 on a Friday afternoon for a cut and color - and manicure - after work. Once I got there, I added in a pedicure. Even though I was asking for a lot in a short amount of time, the owner, the stylist, and the nail tech didn't even blink.

First impression upon walking in was that the place was soothing. Comfy couches, tranquil colors, the works.

Next I met my nail technician, Becca. She was super-gentle - mani was good, but pedi was excellent. So happy and relaxed, and with a great color on my fingers and toes.

After the pedicure I met Sarah. My hair was a disaster area, with too-dark color, grays all over the top, split ends frizzing everywhere - the works. I had been frustrated beyond belief - I'd basically given up on ever getting my beautiful hair back after a strong medication had fried it. I've tried so many products to fix it - but nothing has worked.

Within an hour, Sarah had completely revitalized my hair. The colors she mixed for me are perfect for my skin tone, the trim was flattering, and her blowout literally had me in tears in the chair. Most importantly, I'm writing the next day, and it still looks fabulous. My husband loved running his hands through my hair, and I can't wait til my mother sees it - can't even describe the emotions.

The night was expensive, yes, but since I was ready to just buy a wig, I have to say it was worth every penny. I have found my new salon - thanks to Trankie (the owner), Sarah, and Becca for the amazing customer service - along with the skill.

You made me look and feel pretty - thank you!!


Phoenix, Arizona